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    Applecare vs. Mastercard Extended Warranty
    Ok, so I bought my macbook pro a little less than a year ago, so the time to buy applecare is running out. I used a mastercard to buy the laptop, which means that they extended the warranty by another year (they basically double the manufacturers warranty). Do you think I should still get the applecare? My macbook hasn't had any problems, but I'm just afraid that even with the credit card's coverage, it's still going to be a huge hassle to get my laptop fixed. Anyone have any experience with this? Also, does the applecare basically give me 2 extra years of coverage, for a total of 3 years?

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    get the APP. because once the mastercard warranty runs out [next year] you will still have the years left on APP.
    unless you plan to upgrade soon, i would def get the APP as well. :-)
    aye bay bay

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    Master Card is good but will not beat 3yrs of AC and support.

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