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    I just bought my new Macbook pro 13
    Hello, So I just got my new Macbook pro 13. and I love it, its so easy to use and amazing. but I have a question, is there anyway to change my account, I mean when you boot up your mac for the first time, it asks you to put a new account info, and I put it but now I want to change the name.

    * Sorry for my bad english.

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    If you're referring to changing the your computer account name, then click on the apple at the top left corner < system preference < under "system" click on "accounts"... there you can add and edit your accounts

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    You can't change the name by conventional means.

    In Mac OS X, how do I rename my OS X account? - Knowledge Base

    Answers your question fully I hope!
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    Thnx alot. You guys realy helped me

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