the only reason i start this thread is to let all mac-users about my experience. Most people will know it or already read it.
2 weeks ago i installed SL (snow leopard) The $29.99 upgrade edition and i noticed that my macbook was acting kind of weird. (applications were quitting unexpectedly, take about 1 minute for boo up, etc). and i couldn't understand how Apple would say that SL is much faster Than the older Leopard. After researching and reading threads for days i decided to do a fresh install of SL with the Upgrade edition. (kind of risky... only because i didn't know if it was possible) and now i cant believe how much faster my macbook is. i also recovered ilife from the app dvd that came with my laptop. (and for people that know about fresh install, yes i did a zero-out erase and it took for ever) IT WAS WORTH IT GUYS!!!!

Sorry for that long of a thread but this forum was very helpful for me and i want to help others too.