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Thread: how much could i sell my broken mac for?

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    Jul 04, 2009
    Arrow how much could i sell my broken mac for?
    heyy guys recently my mac has broke and its a 2006 model so its quite old.
    the reason why its broke is when it turns on it stays on the white screen and does not do anything else, now i was thinking of getting a new laptop anyway so what are your guys thoughts?

    oh yeah in the currency pounds please

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    A computer from 2006 isn't that old.

    Anyway, seeing that it isn't in top working condition, you'll get considerably less for it if you decide to sell it.

    Go to Mac2Sell - Guide to used Mac & iPod - Evaluation - Argus Mac, iPod, iPhone Occasion to find what the value would be if it were in complete working condition.
    Once you receive that result, you can adjust it lower (maybe as much as 50-60&#37 to arrive at a fair price to sell it for.
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    well im not up for repairing it as im not up for paying for it

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    any suggestions guys??

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheShizzNizz View Post
    any suggestions guys??
    Well you haven't exactly given us much info regarding your computer! You said that it's a 2006 model.

    Not much info there!

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    If the laptop isn't working at all, as in you can't really do anything on it, which is what I think you are saying when you say the screen stays white and the laptop doesn't do much else), I don't see why anyone would pay anything for it. I mean, if you would repair it, sure, you could get a price for it, but who'd want to buy a broken laptop they can't use for anything and after having bought it find out it isn't possible to cheaply repair it.

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