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Thread: MBP 13inch need advice on hard drive!

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    MBP 13inch need advice on hard drive!
    Hi everyone, I just recently picked up my MBP 13inch laptop. I'm considering upgrading my hard drive since mine came with only 160GB hard drive. Any suggestions? (brand)

    Also if I upgrade my hard drive would it void my warranty with Apple? I'm looking to upgrade to 500GB/7200rpm hard drive.

    Let me know...


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    I'm sure you'll have a lot of people telling you to go with an Seagate, but I don't trust them by a long shot. They used to be really reputable back in the day as far as I remember, but they are now Maxtor, essentially, and I loathe Maxtor.

    In fact, I had bought a portable Seagate HD (500 gig firewire) last year, and it is turned into a paperweight about 3 months after the purchase. Wasn't readable or mountable at all. And trying to get in touch with customer service was just impossible. I now stay away from them, no matter how good of a review their products get on here.

    On the other hand, in my entire life I've had nothing but positive experiences with Western Digital drives. Both internal and external. I currently have a several year old 500 gig MyBook (only USB 2) and it works great. I too am going to replace my 13" MBP's HD with an upgrade, and will likely be a WD.

    But instead of telling you which one etc.. I'm going to do you another favor. There's a search button in the top menu. Hit it. Enter into the search box: "hard drive upgrade", and you shall find tons of threads with everything you're looking for. Sometimes, the search feature really does work.


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    Thanks Doug!

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    Check your manual.. if it's like my wifes new macbook... it'll not only say it does not void your warranty.. it'll also tell you how to do it
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