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    my notebook is having sleep disorders
    just started today. last thing I had done was listen to a radio station live web broadcast. Closed itunes. Left computer running. came back later, mouse moved the pointer, but nothing would click, open or run. Rebooted, didn't read my external hard drive that I prefer to use. shut it down, took a nap. rebooted fine after that.

    went to sleep, woke it up. then it shut down on me.

    rebooted, ran fine. went to sleep again. just now, found the mac background screenshot, not my background. no icons, no dashboard. rebooted, working again.

    seems like something funky is happening with the sleep function. what's my next step in troubleshooting?

    I know it is thanksgiving, and i don't expect there to be a lot of people on. hopefully i can get to the bottom of this, as it is worrisome. sure don't need to buy a new computer at this time, even though an apple store just opened in town.

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    What OS - Tiger Leopard or Snow Leopard. And what version of OS?

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