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    Nov 25, 2009
    macbook 06-07 battery issue
    i know this modle has been reported to have battery issues... but here is my story.. ok so my battery has been giving me issues as in i will reset the pmu on a fully charged battery and the Full charge capacity is at (mAh) 4487, but after using it for about 20 mins it jumps down to around 3100, after my battery gets to about 20 % i would reset the pmu again and the Full charge capacity would be back at 4487 and i would have around 65% battery and it would run down normally until it died.. im running snow leopard and i have the service battery warning on my battery menue (after the pmu reset it goes away untill the jump to 3100)... currently i have been repeating this whole procese trying to run compleet cycles on the battery hoping to fix it. it has been slowly improving but im wondering if there are better things i should do?

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    Have you tried calibrating the battery? Here's the instructions from Apple's Support site. Good luck.
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    Is it the original battery? If it's from '06 or '07 the battery is probably just about shot. They usually only last 2-3 years of normal use before rapidly losing capacity and charge.

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    yes i have tried the battery calibration.. and yes it is the original battery... alright thanks ill just keep doing what im doing until i can afford a new battery..

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