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    Macbook Pro 13 Bottom Cover Screw
    I recently upgraded my hard drive and I happened to somehow misplace one of the screws from the bottom cover and was wondering where I can get a new screw I live nowhere close to a Apple Store or anything. I also don't want to buy a whole set anyone know where I can find/get a new screw

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    Well you can try to find a Radio Shack, Orchard Supply, Home Depot etc. and see if they have anything to match it (bring one of the screws). If not, I know you said there is no Apple store near you, but you could try to hook up with Apple (over the phone or e-mail) and have a new screw sent to you. Just tell them it fell out and you just noticed it was missing. I was at the Apple store once and there was someone there who was having a screw put back in I think because it was missing. Good luck.
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