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    Angry screen doesnt lite n boot seems not to run
    my problem started when i caught my young ong banging a golfball on my macbook keyboard , i shut down and it powerd down without a hitch but the next time i attempted to boot it lit up but the screen didnt lite and forze i did a hard reset and it all lites up but i cant hear the hard drive come on and now it seems that the power cableing stays green when it use to be orange for charging, i cant get a good read on the power cord vith a meter and the battery status light was flickering on the first lite,... it since, has gotton to the second but still no go. is anyone got an idea i thought maybe error in hd than thought maybe bad charger cuz of the flicker thing cant afford to get new, but need a comp to work, parts is prob all i cud do.. i know windows but the trix of the trade involving mac are new any ideas????

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    Hi Leslie cats and young children can invoke Key combinations that give unexpected results so hopefully a matter of trying a few thngs to reset to previous settings. Dont worry about power orange/green lite until you have it booted up.
    First try this Resetting your Mac's PRAM and NVRAM
    in the hope that it will help. I usually release the buttons after the 3rd chime just to be sure.

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