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    13' MacBook Pro - Headphone Jack
    Hi everyone, I'm sure this is a reoccurring issue.... but I tripped over the headphone cord and the headphones came out of the connection. Now when I try plugging the headphones it doesn't have that "snap" I usually hear with every headphone plug. The audio is fine, but if I move ever so slightly the jack comes right out.

    Now, I've read in other places that people have had a similar problem without the "tripping" over the cord part. So this isn't really a manufacturer's problem, I goofed up with the tripping. But is there a way to get this fixed?

    BTW, I'm now living in Latvia, I think the nearest Apple store is in Germany.



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    You may be able to use a strong solid toothpick or even a paper clip to reach inside of the headphone jack and try to compress the spring release a bit. In other words to make it tighter. You have to be careful though as you can also disrupt the contacts causing a loss of audio.


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    Yes, I think bending the contacts back into place is the answer. Maybe something like a dental pick would give you the leverage you'll need. Otherwise, you may want to make yourself a small tool shaped just right for the job. I'd think any small gage, stiff wire would be suitable. Obviously, when you tripped over the cord, the jack was yanked sideways and bent the contacts inside the machine.

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