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Thread: Options to install OS onto Powerbook G4 867 with broken optical drive.

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    Options to install OS onto Powerbook G4 867 with broken optical drive.

    I am sure this has possibly been asked and addressed many times on this Forum and on the web in the exact procedure or remedy in one form or exactly the steps taken to complete this process but honestly, I have a bit of ADD and have spend hours trying to find the solution but the options out there are not an exact match for my situation so I beg for someone who might have mercy on my soul and provide a solution.

    Here is the setup - Powerbook G4 837 with a malfunctioning optical drive (bezel above the drive slot is cracked and saggs down slightly obstrucing the slot and path to insert a disk. If disk is sucessfully inserted, drive whines, grinds and spits out disk and refuses to read).

    Other than the drive, the machine is in 80% (aside from esthetics of being a 9 year old workhorse laptop and possibly a marginal battery which is original) the screen, keyboard and internal componets work correctly. I am looking to wipe the drive clean with a new fresh install of OSX Tiger to either re-purpose for another use in my home or to sell (cheaply mind you) and help to suppliment the purchase of a new machine.

    Divices I have to orchestrate an install:
    Lacie Firewire CD/DVD drive
    Mac Mini 1.87GHZ Core 2 Duo

    The work arounds I am looking to use to solve this:
    Perferable - Directly connect the CD/DVD Drive to the Powerbook
    Not So Preferable - Target Disc Mode using the Mac Mini as a optical drive

    I just need the walk through for the solution if this is possible (ie if it only takes holding down a key to cause the Powerbook to select the boot drive or if there has to be a bios config change (if that is even possible or needed).

    Thank you for my long winded and possible redundant inquiry and I really do appreciate the assistance. Also if you might be interested in taking the machine off my hands, let me know that. (Photos can be provided)


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    As far as I know, you can attach the firewire drive to your mac, insert the install disc, select boot device in System Prefs/boot device and restart... then you're a go.

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