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    iBook Needs new Combo Drive Not Covered by AppleCare
    QUESTION: I've decided to get rid of my beloved iBook G4 since I am in need of the cash; Is it possible to sell a computer that still works, etc., but needs to be repaired, which I can't afford to repair right now? Apple (AppleCARe didn't cover) says I have to cough up $700 to fix the combo drive that techs in Tenn. said they discovered "a sticky substance"...

    I purchased the G4 28 Dec 2003 at CompUSA here in San Francisco for $1775 with AppleCare since my first iBook G3 (over $2000 at purchase) was giving me problems back then. I was headed to Kaui and didn't want computer problems. I simply loved the G4, which was superior and faster compared to my old G3. I had no problems with it until Dec 2004 when a loud fan started blowing air and the screen just went black... for what seemed like an eternity. Five minutes it comes on again. Then twenty minutes later, the same... The computer still comes on but now there's just a black screen and that annoying fan that will not shut down untill I unplug or remove the battery...

    Thanks for your help/advice in advance...

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    So, is your question "can I sell a computer that needs to be repaired?"

    If so, the answer is "yes."

    You just need to find a buyer who wants to purchase a computer that needs to be repaired. Be honest about what's wrong with it, and don't expect to get a lot of money for it.

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