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    Macbook Aluminum vs MBP re: Displays with same setup
    okay guys, new guy question again...I see on the Apple website that both the Aluminum and MBP have the same NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics processor installed and both have 1280-by-800 why/how does one look show more contast while the other is not as bright.

    basically, if the set up is the same, when looking at the same picture on both displays, why do they look different?

    Thank you

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    Different display models. I'm using the aluminum MacBook 2GHz. The blacks aren't as sharp, but it's still a nice freakin' computer.

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    thank it's not because of the graphics package and resolution, like I thought, right?!? can you explain a little more what drives the picture being displayed. is it just the different models enen though the "guts" are the same? thanks again

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    It's the quality of the displays. I believe Phillips and LG are considered the industry's gold standard for LED displays.

    Like everything, there's two factors of the quality you see in monitors: software and hardware. On the software side, color profiles dictates what color the monitor displays depending on the color code. That's why the same color in Photoshop can look different on different OS on the same monitor. Most of the time the color difference is minuscule and this is due to the quality of the monitor.

    If you go to an electronics to where they have rows of monitors, you'll see quite a difference in "perceived" color and brightness even though the technical specifications are the same.

    CNET has a general guideline for monitors, you might want to check that out for more general info: LINK
    13" Macbook Pro 2.53GHz w/ 4GB RAM

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    You guys are rock stars, thank you very much for your patience and knowledge

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