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Thread: Replacement Computer - MB or MBP?

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    Replacement Computer - MB or MBP?
    Apple is replacing my White MacBook (Late 2006), and I have a question about the procedure. Does Apple ship the new computer in a the stock packaging?

    When they send me the replacement computer, does it come in stock packaging? I've had parts replaced before at Apple, and they only give you the individual part and it's all in generic packaging. Is the computer new or a refurb? Since the MagSafe adapter is now 60W and mine is 85W do I get the new one? Do I get the installation discs for iLife '09? etc.
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    BTW, if anybody cares to know, this is the history of my computer and why Apple is replacing it (it's somewhat relevant to my question, and I needed to rant...):

    I bought my computer in March 2006, and it worked great for about 18 months. Since then, I've had to go in repeatedly to have it fixed for a number of different reason, and Apple has replaced too many parts on it. The first problem was the computer would turn on when the lid was shut (also draining the battery), then the backlight on the screen wouldn't turn on, then it would randomly shut down, and now I'm having problems with the AirPort, slow HD (since they replaced my HD for the 2nd time), and my battery is being drained. In that time I've had these part replacements:

    Hard Drive: 2x
    CD-ROM Drive: 2x
    Logic Board: Once
    Battery: 2x (logic board err causing battery to drain)
    MagSafe Adapter: Once
    Top Case: Lost count, but at least 8x
    Screen Housing/Bezel: Once

    FINALLY, I talked to AppleCare Customer Support: If anybody is having problems, CALL customer support right away. Like an idiot, I kept going to the Genius Bar and they kept replacing one thing after another, which kept causing more/other problems. Customer Support was EXTREMELY helpful, very apologetic, and after looking over my history of repairs for 15 minutes, told me they were giving me a replacement computer. In the future, I won't even waste my time with the Genius Bar.

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    I'd pay for the MBP upgrade. The screen has better quality, the keyboard is more "comfortable" to me, and RAM is upgradable to 8GB. I upgraded from the same model and I found the upgrade to "Pro" is worth it.

    This is under the assumption you'll be using the MBP for 2 years or more. But if you're a frequent updater, I suggest getting the white polycarbonate for now. Apple will probably have a major upgrade in the middle of next year (new Intel CPU's, USB 3.0, etc.).
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