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    Hi Everyone,

    I have a MacBook and I dropped. When I turn it on the screen looks like shattered glass. What should I do? Can I get a new screen for it? Any suggestions welcomed.

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    If you think that you have the ability and skill to change the display yourself, go to the "ifixit" web site and look up your model MacBook. You can purchase a display direct from them and also read - follow their step by step instructions to doing the repair yourself. LINK to "ifixit"

    Another option is to have someone else do the repair for you. That will be more expensive but it may be better since an authorized repair will also give you a warranty on the new display replacement.


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    Depending on how high you dropped it from, you might have other issues as well. The screen's a fairly simple fix, but if you have other issues, those might be harder to pinpoint. The Macbooks are pretty durable, but the hard drive and a few other components might have been damaged or misaligned, so you might have some more problems down the road.

    Good luck.

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