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Thread: MacBook Pro / Keyboard Settings

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    MacBook Pro / Keyboard Settings

    I've a MacBook Pro (2.4Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo) which I'm going to sell. So I cleaned–up the hard drive as saw it online recommended using the secure erase from the installation disk and installed the system again.

    My question: Where does this particular machine store things like the keyboard settings?
    I had added two more languages to the language select when using the MacBook and when re–installing the system I was presented with exactly these three languages for my keyboard settings as default–choice. This made me wonder if my cleaning was even successful of if the MacBook maybe stores these settings elsewhere than on the hard drive?
    This used to be my work–machine, so I'd really rather be sure all my information has been securely removed.


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    If you did a secure erase of the hard drive using Disk Utility from your install media, then you can be reasonably certain that all your former data and information is gone.


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