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    Power cycle question
    Hey all, at what percentage does my battery need to be at to count as a full power cycle when it recharges? I saw 50% somewhere on the internet, but the site was kind of scrappy. Can anyone help me out? I'm trying to keep the power cycles as low as possible on my new macbook pro.

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    You really shouldn't be worrying about power cycles since not using the battery will deteriorate the quality of the battery in general. Allowing the battery to go through a complete cycle once a week is important, which I believe is mentioned on Apple's support site on their batteries.

    I found Mac OS X counts 1 power cycle generally over 80% discharge and then a complete recharge. But this figure is dependent on the battery censor. Just remember 1 power cycle = 100% discharge.
    13" Macbook Pro 2.53GHz w/ 4GB RAM

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