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    MacBook Pro Keyboard Trouble
    My girlfriend's MacBook Pro (OSX 10.5) keyboard has recently stopped functioning properly. Keys: -Z-X-C-V-B-N-M-,-.- are unresponsive most of the time. Some exceptions include: they work when you hold the computer at a certain angle, and they work (at least some of the disfunctional keys) when the flashing cursor has been in the same place for a while (at least a couple minutes). Adding pressure when typing does not seem to help. All the key backlights still work properly.

    She seems to think that this is happening because there are crumbs in the keyboard.

    Any insight?

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    She's probably right. Pop those keys off and clean under them. They will pop right back on. From the symptoms it may be something sticky that's dried under the keys. So you will want to swab real good with Q-Tips or something similar.

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    Thank you

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