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    MBP Water Damage
    First off, I apologize for posting w/o doing more research. I'm very regular to forums and usually just use the search function to solve my problems. But since my computer is not working I won't have time to do that when I get home from work today... I read through some water damage posts but don't have any more free time at work.

    Last night it looks as if some wine spilled on my MBP, I can see residue in the headphone and mic inputs. I think it was my roommate and I think he's lying about it... save that story for later.

    Here are the issues:
    1) looks like something spilled on it (left side mainly), computer was shutdown but plugged in when it happened

    2) Power cable led does not illuminate (tried 2 power cables)

    3) I can hear the drive boot when I go to turn it on, first nothing happened after that. On 2nd attempt it started up but just w/ blue screen and flashing folder w/ the question mark icon - ust like when you install a new hard drive. On later attempts I was able to boot snow leopard and windows 7 but the screen is VERY dark, only the most bright things can be seen, but they are very faint and dark grey. Trying to adjust screen brightness does nothing. It's almost like the screen is just VERY VERY dim. I can't really tell if any other functions are working or not. I did see the mouse move and was able to control it while in SL but couldn't find it when I was in Windows 7.

    4) I did not come to the conclusion that there had been water damage till after I had already tried to turn it on multiple times.

    I just put in a new HD 2 weeks ago, so I'm familiar w/ pulling it apart. I plan on pulling it apart when I get home, but that probably won't help me troubleshoot which component is causing my problems. Normally this is both my personal and work computer so I can't exactly be long w/o it. I need to find out ASAP if I can quickly and affordably repair this one or if it's time to break out a credit card and purchase a new one...

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by C o l i n View Post
    I'm very regular to forums and usually just use the search function to solve my problems. But since my computer is not working I won't have time to do that when I get home from work today...
    Then you must have seen the Sticky Thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Sticky Thread
    If you power the machine on and find that it's not fully functional, or that functionality is limited, the damage is likely already done.
    You should not expect it to improve without replacing the systemboard and/or cabling and other components.
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    Yes, I made it that far. I know something is damaged. However it looks like it might be primarily a screen problem. The OS seems to be running properly in the background. Maybe something with the screen hardware, inverter? or maybe the computer's internal power supply?

    I'm not too versed on the internals so I'm not sure how exactly it's put together and what could be damaged. I kept hearing that people were having to replace the logic board when there was water damage. Maybe that's my problem? I just don't know if the logic board could cause the issues I'm having. Like I said, I'm a novice, not a computer genius. Give me a car and I can fix it, give me metal and a welder and I can make anything you want... but when it comes to computers (and especially newer laptops) I have a lot to learn.

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    It'll probably cost you, but you can always just take it to your Apple Store to have it looked at.

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    I would say that your roommate owes you a new macbook. Sorry I can't offer you any better advice but my guess is that if it's liquid damage, you probably wont be able to successfully repair it yourself. Take it to the apple store or another reliable person or buisness that can fix it for you
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    I spoke with a Mac sales/repair shop a friend recommended. I gave the tech all the details and he said it's likely either the inverter or the board. The former would probably cost around $200 to repair, the later closer to $1200-$1400. And it'd be $60 to diagnose (which goes towards the cost of the repair if I have it done).

    I took the computer apart this evening, when I got down in there I could definitely see some residue. I cleaned up what I could but that wasn't much. The screen is now completely blank.

    I hooked the computer up to an external monitor and that's how I'm using it right now. Thus far everything seems to work except for the screen. But I've only had it on for about 5 min so I can't say for sure.

    Looks like I'll be taking it the repair shop this weekend. But at least now I can use it for the time being while hooked up to a monitor.

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    Don't waste your money...
    I've had a liquid damaged Macbook before and here is what you will quickly find out... it will be cheaper to get a new one.

    Sorry to tell you that, but unless you are willing to do the work yourself the cost to fix it will quickly go up. I found myself in a similar situation, I took mine completely apart and quickly found that liquid had gotten into parts that you would not have thought possible, I also found that the metal circuits were starting to show signs of corroding. So what I'm warning you about is that you might find that the replacement of a 200 dollar inverter will make the thing work like before. BUT there is a good chance that other circuits are already starting to corrode. If that happens you will later see the computer crap out again and find your replacing more parts...

    For me the I wrote off the macbook and just decided to see what I could do with it... 180 dollars worth of parts and my time weren't much for phase I... and Phase I replaced the screen and internal battery connection working. Of course a month later the thing started acting funky and quickly died... the corrosion I thought I had dealt with completed its damaged and the motherboard was toast... about $500 more and more of my time and that was redone... Of course I then find out that the DVD drive is not working quite right so I find myself in Phase III $100 more and more time and the thing is now working. So in that case a grand total of $780 was spent not counting the hours of removing and tracking tiny screws and cursing... and I got a little white macbook running like it had before the accident. Of course at the time it happened I could have gotten another Macbook for about the same price brand spanking new.

    So, before you start down the road I've traveled... don't do it. Buy yourself another one and sell that one for parts. In the end you'll likely spend as much fixing that one as you will buying another one.

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