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    Solution for Hard Drive Clicking? Maybe this would work?
    Ok, so I bought a 320 GB WD Scorpio Black for my MBP.

    Like most people, I get the clicking every ~30 seconds. Its coming for the head parking or loading/unloading.

    I *believe* its some kind of conflict between OS X and the Hard Drive attempting to save power.

    This is the spec sheet for the drive-
    Specifications for the WD 2.5 inch Scorpio Black SATA hard drives (model WDxxxxBJKT, WDxxxxBEKT)

    Any chance it would work to to remove the left jumper? And then let OS X handle the power saving (In energy saver) ? Do you think I would see a BIG decrease in battery life?

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    I have the same drive installed in my machine and have no problem with clicking or otherwise. Also, the drive is shipped without any jumpers on the block. (default setting)

    What exactly are you intending to do? If you add a jumper between pins 4 and 3 that will actually reduce the power spinup. The default is no jumpers which means normal power spinup and SSC disabled.


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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    As far as I know RPS shouldn't dock every 30 seconds, but weirder things have happened.... removing it and trying it without it certainly won't hurt..
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    It sounds like it doesnt even have the jumper. (per chscag). This is my second one too- the first one did the same thing, and also seemed to have a little too much vibration.

    Anyway, this is the kind of thing going on:

    Apple Portables: Hard drives and noise

    Does your Apple notebook hard drive (HDD) ever sound like little mice are playing table tennis inside of it? Or, why your HDD might be pre-programmed for quick failure.

    I tried installing the hard drive update on the apple page, but it said "This computer doesnt need it"

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    I have the same drive. It is virtually silent in my MBP. Don't know that I have ever heard a click out of it. Am also running it in default setting without a jumper.
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    Im just baffled. It seems like 50% of people say its normal, and the other half have NO problems.

    I do have "Put HDD to sleep when possible" UNCHECKED in Energy Saver.

    Guess Ill talk to Western Digital...


    According to solution 1 on WD's website, It needs to be replaced. If its really defective this is the 2nd one in a row from Amazon, which seems unlikely. Oh well, I can get a new one for free might as well. Im leaning against this 7200 RPM drive though. Might just get a 5400 RPM one.

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