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    Kernel Panic - Nothing I've tried is fixing it

    I'm needing some help if possible to fix a Kernel Panic problem that is forcing my Macbook to say I need to restart every time I try to boot it up. I'll try to be as thorough as I can so hopefully someone can suggest a solution;

    The problem was caused during a software update. It had automatically started as I restarted. Because I was in a hurry I forced shutdown (I know!) during the update. Since then I'm getting the 'You need to restart your computer' message and behind that some details on the panic itself.

    I'm not sure what the relevant, useful part of those details is but the first line goes;
    panic(cpu 0 caller 0x001A8C8A): Kernel trap at 0x00000000, type 14=page fault, registers:

    And then a series of numbers prefixed by three letters/numbers, eg, the first one is CR0: 0x8001003b

    If more info is needed let me know.

    Anyway, I've tried just about everything that I've read elsewhere on this forum to resolve it. This thread here seems quite comprehensive so here's what I've been able / not able to do...

    1) Reboot the Computer.
    Every time I do this I get the 'You need to restart your computer' so no joy there.

    2) Run Software Update.
    I cannot do this because of point 1.

    3) Clean Your Caches.
    I cannot do this because of point 1.

    4) Delete the .plist file.
    I cannot do this because of point 1.

    5) Uninstall then reinstall the offending application.
    I cannot do this because of point 1.

    6) Repair Disk Permissions.
    I managed to boot up from the Install disc and run verification and repairs on permissions and on the disc. Some issues were found, about a dozen or so and it says something along the lines of them not being repaired but other than that it said no problems were found.

    7) Run Disk Repair.
    As point 6.

    8) Resetting the PRAM.
    I tried this and am not getting the 3 chimes. It's just giving me the usual 'You need to restart your computer' message

    9) File System Check.
    I tried this and am getting the single user mode however it's almost as if it is frozen. The cursor is not blinking and I cannot type anything.

    10) Reset Nonvolatile Firmware
    I tried this but it its just giving me the 'You need to restart your computer' message.

    11) & 12)
    I've searched this forum and others but unable to come up with an answer so far.

    As a last resort I've also tried a re-install of the System (OS 10.5.2) from the Install Discs. I got as far as the end of Disc 1 and all seemed fine, where it says to be ready with Disc 2. However after the restart, when I insert Disc 2 I'm getting the 'You need to restart your computer' message. So back to square one again

    Sorry for the lengthy post but hopefully someone can help. Thanks

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    I don't have much experience with Kernel Panics. I did receive them in my MBP a while back and found out that faulty RAM was the culprit. Swapped out the RAM with some new stuff from Crucial and everything has been fine for the past 2 years.

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    To the OP:

    You need to boot with your Leopard Install DVD and instead of trying to reinstall over your current system, do a clean install. That means wiping the disk completely and starting over.

    A bit of advice: Get a good cloning program and use it prior to updating your machine. Both SuperDuper and Carbon Copy Cloner are good choices. This way if something goes wrong you can always get back to where you were before.

    Also: Leopard updates are at 10.5.8 so be sure to install all applicable updates once you get your system running again. You can download and install the combined update - 10.5.8.


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    Thanks for the advice guys.

    I gave up trying to resolve the KP and managed to re-install the OS. (When I tried previously I had been 'updating' from the disc rather than a 're-install' - D'oh!)

    So I'm back up and running... kinda.

    The original problem that caused me to restart in the first place is still there. Looks like my keyboard is goosed. Some keys are acting wierdly. 'r' is being displayed as 'R', the 'return' key is giving me a '/' and the 'n' key now thinks it's 'nv', amongst some other wierdness.

    Now to embark on trying to fix that one!

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