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    Advice on which printer to get for my macbook
    I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a printer for my 3 year old macbook.

    Im not sure if i should get a canon or an epson.

    I'm basically going to use it for printing documents.

    I'm shopping around, but would like some opinions on what others use and what's the best bang for my buck.


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    I use a canon ip series and am extremely impressed with the quality of print.

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    If u are going to be thinking scanning and a Multifunction i would suggest Brother. Have sold my Canon MP760 and now have scanning with either of 2 iMacs wirelessly using a Brother MFC 885. Some Canons give issues some don't so do your homework.

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    I have a good experience with Epson on Macs. Their support line was exceptional when I had issues on a Macbook with Tiger. But then, this was back in 2006.

    I also recommend going to Best Buy or any electronic store, and print test pages before making a decision.
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    Buying a printer isn't as easy as just picking a brand. There is a lot more to it than that. Compatibility is one thing, paper sizes is another, and of course what type of printer. IE. Inkjet, or laser.

    If you print things with a lot of text than laser is what you need.

    Inkjet if you do stuff with photos and you need colors to be accurate.

    Then there is the cost of ink/toner. Which people don't want to really fuss or think about but it does mater in the long run.

    True story: I spent 400 dollars printing a book in full color on my Epson R1900. With that 400 bucks I could have bought another R1900. >_>"

    My advice would be to research these things, so you know what you need. Then when you get to the store you know exactly what to look for, and not spend hours looking at printers.

    I would go to PC world, they have a how to buy a printer section there. Along with reviews on different printers and you can pick and choose different specifications and read the reviews, plus where to buy.

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    I just picked up an Epson 3 in 1, wireless and am very impressed with it. It has been on sale at Best Buy.

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