Hello all,

Looking for a descent cooling pad for my macbook pro. At the moment, the CPU temp stays at 40-48 Celsius when I have my usual application opened. Which is quite cool.

However, for more heavy duty stuff (ie games, video editing software, etc), the CPU temp has a tendency to escalate to 70-85 Celsius. I was thinking that having a cooling pad will decrease the CPU temp a slight bit and enhance computer performance.

What do you guys think of the Belkin cooling pad ( Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad/Stand Review ) ?

Ive also download an app called smcFanControl which allows me to manually set the fan speed. On heavy-duty software and such, I set the speed for both fans to 6000rpm. I hope this isnt overkill.

Any other suggestions for better cooling pads for the mbp will be appreciated.