We are new to Mac and just purchased a MacBook Pro 13" on 11/1/09. My family has two BB Pearls, one for the wife and one for the home. They both have internet connection ability and we have been able to pair them with the MBP however here is the problem:
We cannot switch devices from Wifes Phone to Home phone when the wife is working late and I want to use the home phone to connect to internet. I have to establish a new connection/pairing thru the network setup in System Prefs. Once the Home Phone is established, going back to use Wifes Phone requires us to set up the phone again just like above
Can't we just use the pulldown menu (from the top bar network connection icon) and click on the phone we want to use to connect? Or can we only have one Bluetooth connection for a network connection?

We have Alltel/Verizon as a service provider and they are 8130 BB. This is very frustrating as it seems we could just pull down and choose the device.