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    Nov 11, 2009
    2.53? or 2.8 ghz
    how much faster would a 2.8 GHz processor be than a 2.53 GHz?

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    Depends on what you are doing. If it's for surfing the web and doing normal stuff you won't notice the speed difference at all.

    If you are dealing with video rendering, music encoding it might shave off a few seconds if that.

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    Nov 11, 2009
    thanks i'll only do basic video with imovie.

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    I wouldn't exactly say that you need it, but if you have the extra cash to throw at it and want to I would upgrade. I know that for what I do, I'm very happy that I upgraded to the 2.8 and I only really need it about once or twice a week with some of the heavy stuff that I do.

    Thing is...that almost surely the 2.53 will be enough for you if not more than enough, but you can't upgrade the processor the way you can RAM, or your sometimes if you feel that you might ever need it or just want to have a faster processor, then it does indeed make sense to spend a bit extra right now to get it...cause you can't really go back.

    Either way I'm sure you'll love the machine!

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