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    White MacBook 13" Won't Sleep/Dim Backligh
    i've tried everything except completely wiping my computer and doing a clean re-install.

    here's the issue... if i do apple sleep i can hear the hard drive go to sleep, my mouse disappears but the screen stays on... same for if i close the lid.

    Also along with this i can longer dim the backlight on my screen... i've tried to go into energy saver and mess with those setting but nothing works. i've reset ever pram, ram, smc and every other combo of letters.

    any help in this issue would be amazing.

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    Is your machine still under warranty or Apple care? If it is, you might want to make an appointment to let an Apple genius look at. It sounds like your logic board is acting up. If you've done a PRAM/NVRAM reset and a SMC reset, and sleep mode still won't turn off the backlight, the problem is most likely hardware related.


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