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    Questions about my iBook G4
    Hey all. I'm new here.

    I recently inherited my aunt's Apple iBook G4 (the white one). Almost perfect condition on the outside. Comes with all her pics and documents and crap.

    I'm aware it's an old iBook but I wish I could clean up the junk and make it work at full speed again? It's my first Apple laptop and I don't know much about it. Like if I was on Windows I know Diskcleanup DiskDefragm and etc etc... is there anything like that on the iBook i could do to boost it?

    Maybe if you could send me a guide on how to clean up the junk which is making it slow. If memory serves me right - 512mb RAM, 1.6 Gz and 40 or 80 HDD.

    Should I just reinstall the OS? How do I do that?

    Any other guide, you can throw on me is very appreciated. I really wanna free a lot of space since only 1.7 GB is free now.. I do that it's gonna be a bit faster right? Also when I delete some of her programs?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the stupid question but I'm new.

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    What install discs do you have for the iBook? If you have or can buy Tiger OS X.4 black coloured full retail install DVD, that is the way to go. Pop your disc into the drive and reboot, holding down 'C' after the chimes.

    Go to Utilities in the Menu Bar after booting, select Disk Utility and run Repair Disk, and if all is well hit Erase. Then format Mac OS Extended (Journalled) and go back to the Installer and let it run.

    Connect to the net and update your OS. Updates are free from Apple, OS upgrades alas you have to purchase. Here are the specs for the iBook G4 1.42GHz processor which is as high as the G4 went. Note you can install up to 1.5GB memory which will help with OS X:-

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