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    What can I do to update my Hardware?
    I have a Powerbook G4 that I bought in 2004. It's a dinosaur, I know. But it still runs so why change anything?!

    It has begun slowing down over the years. What would you suggest that I update in HARDWARE to make it process activity with garage band, photoshop, internet, microsoft office, etc. quicker?

    Here are my specs:

    Powerbook G4 15"
    Processor: 1.33 GHz PowerPC G4
    Memory: 512 MB DDR SDRAM
    Harddrive: 55 GB
    Bus Speed: 167 MGz

    I know, compared to these new macbook pro's out and about, my little guy walks with a cane while the youngins run around. I need some help.

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    You can easily upgrade the RAM.

    With a bit of tear-apart work, you can upgrade the HD.

    That's about all you can do for it.
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    No upgrade alas unless you are prepared to buy a new machine.

    In the meantime, more memory and a faster HDD, say a 7200RPM model, may assist. Also do you use a utility such as Onyx, Main Menu or Macaroni to keep your PowerBook squeaky clean and as fast as possible?

    Running maintenance scripts, cleaning caches etc are pretty i,portan t.

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