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    Smile Macbook Pro 13.3" connecting to External Monitor?
    Hi Mac Guru's.

    Last month i brought Macbook Pro 13.3" Unibody. Before this i was using HP Notebook with Windows Operating system.

    In windows if connect my laptop to external monitor i can close my laptop.
    Can i do the samething with macbook pro? Mac book pro connect to external monitor, keyboard & mouse. I am in mirroring mode.

    Any one help/clarification will be great!

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    Yes, you can do exactly the same with your MacBookPro.
    You can close the lid, and wake the MBP by ext keyboard and mouse.

    If you use the mirroring option, you are restricted to certain resolutions, if you use the extension option you can set the native ext display resolution.

    If you the want to add the menubar and dock to the display, you go to Preferences/displays/Ranking which should look like this:
    This is in my own language since I use Dutch

    You can then drage the menubar and dock to the desired display.


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