I began noticing this problem when sometimes people would set down their laptop or stuff next to me at a table and accidentally bump my screen. I would get a flicker of sorts. I never could figure out what was going on and I could never reproduce it.

As of right now if I slowly move my laptop screen it will flicker sometimes. Also I tried applying slight pressure to only one side at a time and it does a really weird glitch every once in a while. The display looks almost like it looses it resolution, things become significantly grainer, and it looks almost like 16-bit color mode on an older computer. Moving the screen significantly (like halfway to closing it) resets it back to normal.

Sorry if this is a weird explanation. I've been up late doing school work and now I'm scared about my laptop. Any help is much appreciated.

Luckily if the monitor does go out completely, I have an external to work with and its already set to mirror when plugged in.

Other side note: At one point someone did go "Hey what are you looking at" and pull on my screen rather forcefully not realizing that unlike many other laptops the screen does have a stopping point. Ever since then the screen has more play in it after you open it up (its still stiff enough to where you set it where you need it, but then it can wobble from that point)