hey guys

I have my mbp for a year and a half now , the story starts bye me closeing down my computer after check my mail etc nothing out of the norm , and going to bed , when i woke i did not turn it back on for a while the next day. when i did it sounds like its booting up but the screen and keyboard are not working.!!!

so droped it into mac active to get it fixed and bam its the logic board , 1000 smackers to fix, i really dont think it is for some reason. but in apple we trust, i was praying it was the N card problem , where they would replace the logic board for free , the guy at the store said that it was not this cause he did not get an error code for it ? am really really ticked off about this for i payed so much and trusted this product was never going to break , it broke and broke my heart as well

i also looked al over the web to find a clue to what it could be , nothing , and i cant pay 1000 to get it fix , any help would be great ... thanks you