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    snow leopard issue (fans running non-stop)
    I have upgraded my MBP (late 2008) unibody to snow leopard, and the fan runs non-stop. I have tried Fan Control Preference frame, I have read the forum here

    Apple - Support - Discussions - Horrible Fan noise after installing ...

    But it seems I am still without a solution. Does anyone have any ideas? This is ridiculous. I am so disapointed in Apple right now.

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    Your fans are running because:
    1) on request of the hardware because it requires cooling ( check your temperature )
    2) you have manually instructed them to run ( using an application )

    I can not find the ' fans preference pane ' on my machine so I assume you have the fans manually controlled using a 3rd party application.

    let us know what your current setup is in terms of fan controls and I am sure a member will provide a solution .

    Also check activity monitor for any runaway process that is burning CPU cycles and generating heat.

    Cheers ... McBie
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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    try an SMC reset.
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    Hey, thanks so much!

    I have tried an SMC reset. Although, I can't say for sure that it worked, only that the instructions on the apple website were simple and the best of my ability I followed the instructions.

    I am trying to use the fan control utility here

    Download Fan Control for Mac - Adjusts minimum fan speed on MacBooks. MacUpdate Mac System Software Downloads

    which does not seem to work.

    Also, I have discovered it seems to be a bigger issue when the power is plugged in than when it is not. When the power is plugged in, it runs non-stop, without exception. When there is no power plugged in, the fans sometimes run, and sometimes do not run, but it seems like even in this case (when no power) the fans run way more than they are supposed to.

    Any further insight would be appreciated.

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