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    Unhappy Took Mac apart and doesn't work when put back together
    Have a macbook that tea was spilled on, not much tea but I guess enough that it did something bad. Took it to the mac store and the genius there said that it was done that the logic board was corroded. I don't know too much about computers but I like to take stuff apart and I figured it couldn't hurt. I took it apart and cleaned the corrosion off with some alcohol (there wasn't much at all). So I put it back together and it worked...until I got the topshell screwed back together. I repeated this process, and as long as i just have everything hooked up it works fine but when its screwed together its not. I though that maybe it could be just an issue with the topshell (not sure that's what its actually called, but it is the keyboard assembly and trackpad, and it comes off as one unit) could this be is?? any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    You should be able to find diagrams, photos, and instructions about disassembly and reassembly of your macbook. For example see: MacBook Core Duo Repair - iFixit

    Look for something touching that would create an electrical short. Perhaps a missing brace or insulating shield. If it works without the case, then a short is the most likely answer.

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    Ok I looked at a couple of the diagrams on the listed site. It looks like im going to have to take it appart and start from scratch....also i do have are foam spacers left...could be my issue. Thank you!!!!!!!!

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    And tea is a pretty potent liquid to spill on your computer alas, all that tannic acid! Generally you have to clean it immediately. If the corrosion process has started, not good news.

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