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    White 13" Macbook Warranty quesiton
    I've just taken my nearly 3 year old macbook in to have the casing repaired. Apple has 'graciously' covered the cost of the top half of the casing (palm rest crack), and the bottom half of the casing (screw cracks; albeit I had to call apple and hear 'no' 3 times before they agreed). But they won't cover the cost of where the bezel around the screen has cracked. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know if apple has acknowledged the issue seeing as the bezel seperates at the exact point of the palmrest cracks?

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    Thats an interesting question. I have a 1st gen MB and was wondering the same thing about the palmrest - mine is cracked on both sides. I don't know about the screen bezel, but I'd be interested to hear what other people have found.

    So if I went in to the Apple Store they'd give me a new top case to replace my cracked palm rests for free? Seriously?

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    Yes, they will replace the palm rest. Mine has been replaced twice now—and I even hear that with a little complaining they will replace it even if it is out of warranty.

    I'm just trying to figure out here if the screen bezel separation is related to the same problem—or if it's just coincidentally in the same place as the cracking.

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    My palm rest area has cracked as well, and it has been way beyond warranty at this point. However, I cannot possibly bring this to an Apple Store since I need my Macbook on a daily basis. =(

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