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Thread: Bend DVD drive

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    Bend DVD drive
    I posted my MBP recently and noticed it got a tiny dent on the cover. Later when i used my DVD drive i noticed that it was slightly bent.(shaped like a banana) but it played the DVD no problem. The problem arose when the DVD wont eject. My warranty is up by one month...ouch! so question is: is there any DIY bend it back into shape option or do i ahve to fork out the estimated 500 to fix it? Meantime is it possible for me to use an external DVD drive until i can get enough funds if the DIY option is a negative? thanks a lot guys!

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    You can use any compatible USB or Firewire external drive with your MBP. You didn't say where you live but I'm assuming that it's outside of the US, possibly in Europe somewhere. You can look at compatible drives at the following web site "Other World Computing" and get some idea of their price, however, I'm not sure if they will ship outside of the US and what the cost would be.


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