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    Question New MBP 15" - Can I upgrade to SSD later?
    Hi guys,

    Long-time PC guy finally looking to make the leap. Forgive me if any of my questions seem obvious.

    I'm configuring a 15" MBP and the SSD option really intrigues me, but I'm worried about the limited drive space and cost. I'm thinking of just getting the 500GB 7200RPM option now, but would like to look to upgrade to an SSD drive at some point when larger drives are available. Will this be possible?

    Also, I am considering the $300 upgrade option to a 3GHz processor over the 2.8GHz processor. Keep in mind I'll need to run a number of PC-based apps and games (I think that's called dual-booting?). Given this situation, would you guys recommend upgrading to the faster CPU?

    I am planning on doing the upgrade to 8GB of RAM, if that helps in answering these questions.

    Also, I'm going to go with the anti-glare screen-any concerns with that?

    I would love any feedback or insight you guys can give me to help me make the best decision on this purchase.



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    Get the lowest ram you can from apple and then upgrade through OWC to save money. That way you can get the faster processor "for free".

    I can't answer the SSD question unfortunately. Sorry!

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    8 GB of RAM is a lot of RAM for a notebook and right now is really expensive.

    You could get a good sized SSD for the same price as 8 GB of RAM.

    The difference from 4 - 8 GB of RAM will not be that noticeable, unless you are using some super, high demanding programs, and in that case, you should should have a desktop.

    I would advice going with 4 GB of RAM and a normal hard drive (7200 RPM).

    Both 8 GB of RAM and SSD are very expensive right now, and will likely see a price drop this year.

    I would upgrade to a SSD and 8 GB of RAM (if you really need it) after you have felt the power of your 3 GHz processor and 4 GB of RAM.

    Good luck, and enjoy your Mac!

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    Upgrade the CPU as you can do it later. As Alex said the RAM is over kill and over priced at the moment. I run 4GB and have no issues. Get 8GB when the price is lower. The SSD would be great, I am in the same boat as you, they are just so expensive for their capacity. Their prices have fallen a lot and it is nearly time for my upgrade. HD upgrades are really easy on all unibodies.
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