Hey all,

I have a new model 15" MBP, and have had some difficulty playing AVI files AFTER I burn them onto a DVD. I should start by saying that I use VLC for media. It's very strange, I can play the AVI files perfectly without any hesitation or skipping when I play the files directly off of my external hard drive, but as soon as I burn them onto a DVD, when I play the files they skip continuously, like every 5 seconds. The files are literally unwatchable.

This is a problem because I want to put my AVI files on DVDs so I can clear up dozens of GB off my HD. Also, I tried playing these burned files on Quicktime, and only SOME of the files would play (need codecs I assume). Basically, I just need help in figuring out how to get my burned AVI files to play SMOOTHLY on VLC. Somebody please help! I've spent hours and hours trying to figure this out and it just isn't making any sense to me.

Thanks so much and cheers!