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    mac external hard drives
    I'm running out of room on my 250gb WD external hard drive and am looking into a 1T one. I noticed on newegg's web site that they have external hard drives and then "mac hard drives" what are the differences? My WD external hard drive was from bestbuy and do not think that it was "mac" specific? Just wondering if this is a way for newegg to make more money or if there really are some differences.

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    There are only two reasons to have external drives that are Mac specific: (1) want to make more money off of ill informed consumers; (2) the drives are possibly formatted as HFS+ or more likely, FAT32.

    More often than not, it's usually reason number 1

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    When they put Mac specific, it could mean:
    1) Formatted HFS+
    2) Has firewire 600/800

    The WD Mac editions look nicer but that's about it.
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