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Thread: Macbook Pro Won't boot up

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    Macbook Pro Won't boot up
    Hey I purchased a 13" Macbook Pro Unibody about 5 Months ago, i just got back from California and had the laptop with me the entire time (wasn't ever dropped or anything like that) Had it on the plane with me using it the entire time to so it wasnt handled roughly by the airline. When my flight landed i turned it off and put it back in my protective case-->my backpack, just got home and tried to start it and it simply goes to the "White apple screen with the ticking circle" is how i would describe it. After a minute or two it turns off and tries again

    Has anyone experienced this? I couldnt find any quick solutions with a search of mac-forums.

    I realize that i can just take it in since it is still under warrenty, BUT, if its something simple i'd like to fix it because I NEED SOME FILES OFF IT TONIGHT!!!!

    Not only that but the nearest apple store is 45 minutes away and i'm busy

    And thank you for any help/advice in advance, Adrian

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    Try to boot it with your original install media (Leopard or Snow Leopard whichever you have). If it boots with the DVD, go to Utilities on top menu and then to Disk Utility. Run a verify and repair.

    If you can't boot with your install DVD or if Disk Utility refuses to "see" the internal hard drive, you may have a dead hard drive. Hard drives can suddenly fail without warning.


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    Appreciate the quick response, i'm gonna do that right now....

    It's just sitting at the "apple" white screen like it was doing before, is there any button i should be pushing.....Man this is frustrating

    Ok....Looked at another forum, tried holding the "option" and "power" at the same time, this brought up a Macintosh HD icon with an arrow below it, i click on the arrow and it goes back to the White apple with the "loading circle" and doesnt do anything....

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    So i took my computer in, they just called me and fixed it under warrenty

    The hard drive needed replaced, old one was fried

    None of the stuff that was on there was saved, or could be recovered

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