Hi everybody,

Up until a few months ago I was using an iBook G4 14" with the 1.33GHz power pc processor for music and design purposes. The stock model, no upgrades.

Well needless to say it started to go down hill.

So I bought at lot of new parts for it and now I am having DIY install errors.

The first of which being my trackpad. My track pad was the kind with the ribbon cable. It made a plucking noise and snapped as my computer was being reassembled. I ordered a new top case and installed it. The track pad on this one being the kind without the ribbon cable. Instead, it had a little cable that connects to a small white plug next to the ribbon cable plug. It doesn't want to work.

Is it plugged in wrong or do I need drivers to allow my trackpad to work?

The second is the screen. After I broke it down and reassembled it the screen will only show a white light. I have to hook it up to a monitor to see anything which is moot because I have no working track pad and the keyboard I ordered has not come in yet. I disassembled it to check why it was doing that but nothing is damaged. No cables torn. Even the screen is still flawless.

Why is the screen whitened out?

The third being the way it boots. It beeps really loud and the sleep light flickers. It loads fine after but no mac I know has ever done that to me during the boot.

Why is it doing that?

It costly to send it in to fix it. It's way too old for any warranty, which I broke anyways.

What should I do?