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    MBP Temperature?
    I've recently gotten a MBP 17" and after reading some threads decided that I might install a system monitor as I intend to do quite a lot of intensive work with my MBP, now I was only copying photos, and the temperature started to climb until it reached 90 degrees celcius I used to work with desktops and they ran at about 30 - 50 degrees, so is this fine or should I install an app for fan control?

    The thing is, I'm not quite sure if using Fan Control is good, because it doesn't come with the computer so is it safe using it?

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    People will have their opinions, but I use smcFanControl and I love it. When doing normal things my 17" MBP (unibody) remains around 35 degrees C. I usually run the fans around 2400-2500RPM. Like I said, tons of people like it and tons of people don't. I run it almost every single day and have for years.

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