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    Question Macbook?
    Hey mac users, this is my first post here. I guess i should give a little background. I've been a pretty good mac fan ever since i first used one. Windows is fine, and I can't stand it being bashed around, especially windows 7. But, I'll have to admit, using a mac is more enjoyable and intuitive.

    Supposing I DO come into some money through some miracle or playing gigs (I'm a student, lol). My very first and obvious choice was the mac mini. Especially now, when its upgraded to match the performance of the MBP and MB. However, when discussing these matters, all kinds of 'if' questions come up. What if I need to travel and it would be handy to have a computer? Well, now I'm down to the macbook and macbook pro. And remember that this isn't definite and I may not get one in a while.

    At first the macbook seemed like a no-brainer, but now with the lack of firewire, no SD card slot, no backlit keyboard, and a case that appears to scratch easily, I wonder if the MBP is worth the extra dough. Now I am by no means a photo/video person, but I would love to see what can be done with Garageband and there is a family friend who is addicted to taking photos and videos, so that might come in handy.

    And the final question is- do I really need a Mac? Or have I been corrupted by marketing?

    Thanks for reading my large first post.

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    I'm in your forums, writing sentences in a grammatically acceptable manner.

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    Well, the Mac Mini is an interesting character because a) When it's configured to something similar to a macbook or macbook pro, it costs about the same. Then you have to buy a monitor on top of it.

    As for the unibody white Macbook, you can get cases and things of that nature to keep it safe. I am slightly considering one myself, but only if I buy the InvisibleShield to go with it. No way will I have a macbook (that's already prone to scratching) uncovered.

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