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Thread: Grey screen only after display cable change

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    Grey screen only after display cable change
    I just replaced the display cable on my trusty old 15" PB G4. The reason for the cable change was because the screen was going completely black, but I could usually get it back by closing the cover, waiting a few seconds and then opening the cover again. Finally one day it didn't recover, so I thought the display cable might be an easy fix. (Well, not easy, but not expensive at least).

    Now I get a completely grey screen after start up. No question mark, no image of a hard drive, just a completely grey screen. Also, it takes several minutes for the grey screen to appear. At first it is just black. I do get a chime.

    I don't hear or feel that HD spinning up. That's a worry.

    Any ideas? Do I have a screen / display issue, or a HD issue?


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    Have you tried an external display? That might give you a hint as to whether it's a display problem or not. If the external display is OK, then I'd suspect the new cable or connections are faulty.

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