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    MBP 15 Inch - Banding On Screen Problem
    15 inch MacBookPro, 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Mac OS X - Version 10.6.1. I purchased it new at an Apple store about 20 months ago - it's the version prior to the unibody MacBookPros coming out. My screen is the matt screen. I installed Snow Leopard without any problems and my current screen problem did not develop for weeks AFTER I installed Snow Leopard so I don't think that the Snow Leopard OS upgrade is at fault.
    Across the bottom of my screen there are ten evenly spaced dark areas that extend about one and one half inches vertically into the screen. This happened once six months ago and I inquired here on this forum with a couple of responses that it had happened to others but a re-boot took care of it and at that time a re-boot eliminated the problem for me. It happened this morning and after six or seven shut down - re-boots, including removing the battery for several minutes, every time I start the computer the bands are there. They are annoying and I do a lot of photo editing so I really need to get a solution.
    I have Apple Care. Has anyone had this problem and if so what was the solution? The nearest apple store is 150 miles away. Thanks, Bill.

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    My screen goes dark at the bottom sometimes, like a shadow. It happens when my fan is running a lot, blowing hot air onto it.

    Pretty poor quality if you ask me, I've never seen this with windows machines.

    This is probably not the same thing that you are talking about.

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    To tarheel:

    Try to isolate the problem. Hook an external monitor to your MBP and see if the same thing occurs. If it does, you've narrowed it down to the GPU\logic board. If not, it may be a display problem. Either way, it's probably going to be something that is going to require a repair under warranty.

    Since you live 150 miles from the nearest Apple store, it's not practical to drive there and back. It may be something that's going to take a while to repair anyway. Give Apple care a call and arrange to have your MBP shipped to them for repair unless there is an authorized Apple repair service facility close by. Make sure you back everything up before sending it off!


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    It sounds as if one of the strings of LEDs along the bottom is flaky - perhaps a defect in the LED CCA or in its interconnect to the chassis. It sounds like an Apple repair.

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