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    Nov 05, 2009
    a wierd issue when taking a picture in Photo Booth
    im new to this forum, and wondering if some 1 can tell me what happend to my MB,

    i got a 17 Inch MBP 4 GB RAM, 2.5, 250 HD early 2008.

    today i was taking a picture on photo booth.
    pressed the "take a picture" button.. it did the count down the screen flashed white and then a black screen.
    tryed closing the lid, the keyboard responded but the screen stayed black.. weird..
    restarted the machine and everything was ok, tryed photo booth again and at that time the flash and picture were working ok.

    any one have experienced this issue?

    any idea why did it happen?

    thanks a bunch for the helpers!

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    Nov 03, 2009
    Was today the only time this has happened to you?
    If yes, just don't worry about it, Computers crash sometimes, if it does not happen often it should be perfectly normal.
    If it starts happening a lot I would maybe start worrying but as far as I can tell there is no issue with your Computer at all.

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    Nov 05, 2009
    yes its the first time it happend, the thing is that the whole screen just became black.. could it be that the nvidia got suck?

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