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    pixels out purple tint
    i have been trying to get my powerbook fixed with apple for the about a week. The issue i'm having is that the topcase has fallen trough in the bottom right corner just from me resting my wrists on it. I've had my pb for a year now and i have the 3 year apple care warranty. My cd-r drive also stopped working and to top it off my screen is scratched and there is a growing purple tint around it. The tint started to grow just a few days after the pixels started to go out. One by one a pixel goes out, the count has gotten to about 12 pixels before i actually took it to get serviced. So i brought my pb to DI-NO computer in pasadena to get serviced. The replied and said that they could only do one major hardware repair a month, something about apple and their service rating. They convinced me to send it apple to get all the issues taken care of. Low and behold i call apple and they say they can only fix the cd-r drive and the the topcase and screen damage was caused by customer abuse. This is total BS. I have gotten three explaination as to why my screen is damaged, all of them being different. I have no idea what to do, Apple has been a real *** about this matter, they have never called me, i keep having to call them. The big question here is why would the authorized service center send the pb to apple if they new it was not going to get fixed, because they also thought that it need to be repaired. I need help, i have filled a claim with the better business bureau. The customer relations guy i talked to would not even speak with me the last time i called, i'm going to give then another call tomorrow. HELP HELP

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    I don't get this. The enemies of apple are the guys themselves!

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    i was thinking about buying a powerbook, and still to a pointe am, but it's looking a bit grim, all the probs. that ppl are having with theirs, and the arguistness of getting anything repaired from apple, even tho i live like 5mi. from their HQ well i do also know a few people, well 1 or 2 that work for apple and i could probly get a few "hookups" thru them i suppose. but mostly i'm just sik of PCs and the krap they have go wrong, not saying that apple is perfect, but it seems like ppl have a lot less go wrong with them than a PC, but it sux that you had to go thru all that just to get it fixed, and that they claimed that you broke your computer, well yeh, you broke it ( it didn't crak its self) but it was poor manufacturing that caused the break, so yeh it was their fault, something that slight should never have caused a screen that is so expensive to just break. (i'm a student too) so i feel your financial and withdrawal pain.

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    anaon you have to realize that the amount of people who have these problems is much less then it seems. It just so happens the people who have the problems are the ones who voice their opinions louder then others which just stands out. if there was a thread for every user who was satisfied with their apple the message board servers would be overloaded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StealthMode
    Whoa, I guess I am not alone, check this link out!

    Stealth -
    I agree with what everyone else is saying. Raise your voice until you get the problem resolved. I've never had a problem with Apple fixing things before, but I have heard of other people having problems.

    If going to the store doesn't work, use to file a complaint against them. Make your letter public so other people can see your problem. I have had a LOT of issues resolved because of using planetfeedback.

    Don't give up, riase enough hell and maybe they'll actually fix it for you.

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