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    Exclamation Problems with my Powerbook screen
    Whenever I start up my computer, the screen starts up with two large columns that look Photo 1. They then fade away like in photo 2.I am then left with a number of vertical lines across my screen, like photo 3 shows.
    At first I thought the lines were dead pixels, but i put away that idea as all the lines are in different colors. my lighting has also been messed up somehow, as this photo 4 shows you.
    Could someone please tell me what i may need to do to correct these problems?
    I think they might be in the hard drive as all the problems vanish for a few seconds if i change the display settings.
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    Yikes!!! I am just speculating here.. but....

    first off does it do this before it boots in to OS X?? Have you booted to the install DVD?
    Dose it present the same lines??

    If it does it with the DVD there are a few possible issues..

    1.) Video Chip is separating from the systemboard... and will only get worse as time goes by ... fix: new logicboard. AS it gets warmer (hot) does the problem go away?

    2.) Video Cable is wiki... if you crack it open and wiggle does the problem change?

    3.) pressing on the screen in different areas does it clear up or change patterns? if so new screen...

    Hope this helps a little bit .. I would be very unhappy if my MBP started this.. could not afford to fix or replace right now. have seen lines on PB screens but they were not vertical .. like yours shows...

    if you are daring .. and it is the video chip .. you could try a ReFlow your self... not suggested for the faint at heart... I posted instructions some where in the forums some where..
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    Very definitely looks like a GPU problem of some sort. As the previous reply suggested it's probably going to require a logic board swap out or repair since the GPU (I believe it's an ATI Radeon) is surface mounted.


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    I'm using a laptop, and therefore have no external video cable, and when i press the screen it has no effect on the lines. Thanks for the rest of the help though.

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