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Thread: Display Problem

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    Display Problem
    When I start my Macbook Pro the screen displays this:

    Any advice? (apart from taking to get fixed). It had been having startup problems recently and I had to fsck is a few times. It had worked since but now does this. I cannot now get into safe mode or single user mode.

    If I do need to take it somewhere any recommendations in London?


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    You didn't mention the year\model of your MBP. Certain models had a known problem with the GPU for which Apple extended the warranty.

    The other startup problem you mentioned (besides the graphics) could be related to a failing hard drive. It might be a good idea to backup all your data as soon as you can. Hopefully someone will suggest a repair shop in London where you can have your MBP looked at.


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    Thanks. I got it new in summer 2007. I'll have a search for this known problem.

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