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    Nov 01, 2009
    Macbooks Differneces?
    I wanted to know what's the difference between the white Macbook and the Pro.

    'Cause on Apple Store website....
    the white one is $999
    and the Pro is $1199,

    when both of them have:
    2.26GHz Intel Processor,
    Nvidia GeForce 9400M
    and 2 GB of memory,

    and knock yourself out!, the white one has 250 GB OF HD, that means, more than the Pro.

    So why the **** is the Pro more expensive? I know it has a bigger trackpad and it's alumium, but is it that all?

    Anyway, if you could give me hints about what I should buy, I'd appreciate it
    Bcoz I'm trying to buy it to record some songs of mine (mac's much better) and I didn't want something so expensive...
    Bside, I would, on the Apple Store Website, buy the white one with 4gb of memory

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    This has been asked to death.

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    If you don't care about the white vs aluminum, get the white. Pro has firewire, but so does the older white macbook witch bestbuy has for $899. For what you want to use it for it will make no difference. Check out apples refurb store for cost savings.

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