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    Angry new macbook pro 15" display woes
    Sometimes the display acts weird:

    Then it goes away after sometime, only to come back later. Any clue? Shall I send back the notebook -- anyone with experience? Shall I get a ticket before sending back the notebook (cant visit a store in person).

    the notebook is less than a week old!

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    Call Apple and explain to them what you're experiencing. They will more than likely have you send it back to have the screen replaced if they can't pinpoint a hardware/software issue. Good luck.
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    Yep if its only a week old the next call i make would be Apple as ImageX has mentioned. Then they can make the judgment. Mind you if needs to be sent away you could have no Mac for a cpl of weeks even if they do say a 7 day turn around.

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    If there is an Apple Store close I would take it in, or call like the others have suggested. Looks like the display panel is defective of the cable loose.

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    Nov 01, 2009
    thanks guys. i already have a task number, and hopefully will get to the apple guys tomorrow when they open. unfortunately there is no store around, so i have to send in the laptop. didnt expect from apple!

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